About Us

We are a Specialized Executive Search and Talent Services Firm, committed to bring quality focus in the realm of Talent Acquisition & Solutions.

As a team of Corporate professionals we collectively bring more than 15 years of experience, in the space of Leadership Assessment, Human Resources, Customer Services and Project Management. As a team with roots in diverse corporate backgrounds, world-class training and global project execution experience, we ensure a commitment, maturity and seamless execution to talent solutions for our clients.

As we embark on the fourth year of our professional association with clients and a strong network of professionals, we re-affirm our focus and direction…to recommend and enable sound talent decisions based on principles of professionalism and integrity.

The Values that we deeply commit to are:

Quality of Talent Recommendation,
A Diligent Un-biased Approach
Integrity of service

At Saakam, when we work with clients, we follow a rigorous search and assessment process to provide insightful advice on the ‘best-fit’ competitive people resources for your firm. We take time to understand the client’s business goals, the competencies required for success and the talent gaps to accomplish those goals.
The critical skills, abilities and technical competence for a role are identified, as also are discussed the ‘must-have’ competencies, career trajectory and opportunities for professionals in the organization.

During our client interactions, we seek to understand the client's business, the culture and environment, the values that the firm commits to; and what make the opportunity unique for the candidates; so as to best represent the client in the talent market.

When we approach candidates, we are confident of the role and cultural aspects that present the opportunity as a complete picture. As a result our candidate professionals feel confident about the potential opportunity and how it best meets their long-term career objectives.

We strive to be in sync with the client and candidate through every step of the hiring process and keep a knowhow on the concerns of candidates. Post integration in the company, we also maintain a regular follow up with the candidate and client to understand any underlying issues.

Saakam is committed to enhancing leadership caliber and bring forth professionals with a strong aspirational need to fulfill organizational and professional career objectives. Our clients appreciate the industry knowledge, customized consultation and professional approach we undertake. We have successfully formed robust partnerships with our clients and seek long-term solutions, lasting knowledge and services exchange with both our clients and candidates.

While recommending the best-fit candidates, we help chart out competencies, personality traits and past performance records to benchmark exceptional candidates. We also adopt a systematic approach to assess their past performance, capability and potential, readiness to perform the role and their integration into the organization and cultural ethos.

Our approach is anchored on the principles of being effective and committed to the client’s assignments, responsive to their changing business dynamics whilst providing them thoughtful consultative solutions. Our global pool gives us candidates who are experienced in the sector as well as sector agnostic candidates who have the passion and skills to transition into a new sector.

Saakam works across functions, industry sectors and geographic borders to provide reach for our clients. Early in the process, we provide preliminary analysis on the potential candidates; maintain regular updates on the progress and share feedback with client on trends and insights about the talent market.

Over the course of our operations, we have addressed talent needs across multitude job categories and built experience in industry verticals as varied as the Development Sector, Professional Services, Travel, Media, Education, Family Businesses, Emerging Start-Ups; functional areas such as Business Research, Sales, Marketing, Communications, HR and more complex variant roles in the Non-Profit sector. To date we have assisted more than 200 searches, most of them have been in-depth focused search assignments in the mid-tier and senior management space.