Career Advisory & Redesign Services

“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.” —Louis Pasteur

Career Advisory Services

Through Saakam, Shafali and her team successfully impart career re-design and advisory solutions, address skill gaps in career comeback and mid-career transition phase and build work readiness skills in entry level professionals.

Shafali is a former Leadership Assessment and Talent Management Specialist, having worked across India, Singapore, UK and US. Through Talent Advisory firm Saakam, she has set up a platform to provide maximum impetus to talent and career solutions.

When a professional is in the midst of a mid-career crisis or professional reinvention, we help provide direction to the journey, we work with professionals to align their choices to a new career, one that makes full use of their talents, fits their personality, their values and is also rewarding in its fulfillment.

Through our range of services we train and coach, inspire, motivate and empower professionals to set their career goals. We recommend substantive résumés and career search documents and provide a positive, forward-thinking, active job search partnership.

Our career advisory services includes the following :
- Mid-Career Transition mapping
- Skill-Gap Analysis
- Resume Critique
- Assessment Interview Preparation
> - Mentoring

Career Re-Design Services

The Career Re-design services cater towards professionals who want to leverage personal strengths and their talent to develop career paths, seek satisfying career opportunities, determine career focus, target companies and positions and move forward in their career though the use of inspiring tools and coaching strategies.

We start this process by getting to know aspects of your nature and personality, identify tangible, realistic, and practical clues about the best fit between you and the working world. Many ineffective career choices result from considering only external rewards whereas we approach the balance in your career choice and one that fits naturally.

We help you identify your personality traits and temperament so that your work supports the full self-expression of your personality; your work is in congruence with your values and furthers your mission and purpose. All individual choices, preferences, traits and values are fit together like pieces of a puzzle to build the ideal next step. We help you redesign your career and guide the transition through a phase of learning, regrowth and a greater understanding, finally to culminate into the right career strategy.