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Consumer Technology & Digital

The Consumer Technology segment, which covers a broad range of technology-based products is characterized by a highly dynamic talent pool. Broader adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and demand for new and emerging technology is driving the consumer technology industry.

Competition for top performers is fierce, not only from within the segment and companies working via similar channels, but also from other sectors. Consumer Technology executives are highly skilled in driving transformations, customer-focused branding, restructuring of global operational footprints and to grow a business through a third-party distribution network.

Over the decade, professionals have shifted preferences from one-company careers to creating performance track record across industries in order to add new challenges to their career. We work with a wide range of entrepreneurial clients to bring talent that is not only equipped with the right business and commercial skills but also the adaptability and personal leadership needed to grow in an environment where there is less structure or process in place.

We look for a dynamic combination of consumer, business-to-business and technology experience, a strong focus on value creation, and the ability to lead in uncertain times.


Excellence in digital is critical for business success. Organizations that fail to embrace digital innovation in their core business will fall behind fast. Consumer companies, governments, and B2B operators are all deeply affected.

In this environment, traditional companies must grasp the challenge of making their organizations truly digital-savvy and of competing with young businesses with e-commerce at the heart of their operations. Even highly successful global corporations need to take bold steps to evolve their strategies, excel in a multi-channel environment and deliver compelling digital experiences.

Our practice covers the need for digital skills talent across verticals such as social media skills in building a brand, community participation, virtual facilitation, and front-end engagement skills such as social media outreach, community management, customer service and public relations. Mobile skills such as platform- design, user-interface, technical skills such as app development, cloud services, mobile device management and security, data analytics skills.

Future employees will need to combine excellent digital specialist skills with deep functional business knowledge. They should be comfortable with short delivery cycles and be able to operate across silos and within cross-functional teams. They need to ensure they are ahead of the technology curve and in roles where they can add value beyond what digital technology generates.

We at Saakam, through our composite domain knowledge and vast network, assist clients in identifying talent with the requisite skills to succeed in this sector. Our goal across all our services is to help you make better talent decisions for the most critical roles, build a sustainable talent pipeline, and ensure that your leadership teams have the diverse strengths required to create competitive advantage.

Representative Searches:

Head - Quality –Consumer Technology Firm

Senior Manager - Sales & Acquisitions

Senior Manager – Distribution Strategy

Head – Digital Marketing - Services