Industry Specialities

Non-Profit, Social Enterprise & Philanthropy

The Non-Profit and Development Sector in India has seen a dynamic improvement in the last few years. Apart from a large increase in the number of organizations in this sector, it has also opened up a plethora of opportunities for people eager to be a part of this Sector. Yet, there is still a huge need to for competent professionals who can set new standards of performance.

The team at Saakam works with the Non-Profit, Social Enterprise, Philanthropy, Foundations and other community Institutions in a partnered and consultative format to bring the best of industry talent to the development sector.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) need to be well managed to be effective in today’s rapidly changing economic, social and technological environment. This sector requires leaders who have a strong adherence to the mission of the organization and yet bring a professional rigour and commitment to manage the organization on sound operating principles.

Today’s non-profit leaders are expected to deliver excellence and build powerful cause-based organizations, through commitment, passion and transformational leadership. Also critical is the need to develop trusting relationships, win diverse stakeholder buy-in, develop impactful programs, allocate resources effectively and measure results transparently.

Imperative is a need to build and engage donors, find ways to innovatively make a true impact and engage in multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve objectives. Leaders who can act as a catalyst to bring about change in thought processes, technologies and methodologies, a tenacity to work in resource constraints and achieve a positive impact to an organization are greatly valued.

Saakam works across functions, industry sectors and geographic borders to provide an extensive reach to our clients. Some of the key skills we look for in this sector are wide-reaching Resource Mobilization skills, Policy Advocacy, Impact Assessment, Research, Media, Communication, Monitoring, Program Evaluation, Social audits, Proposal Writing, NGO Validation, NGO advisory, Capacity Building to name a few...

The Representative Searches

Chief Operating Officer
Director - Resource Mobilization
Head - Product Development
Manager - Communications
Manager - Donor Relations
Manager - Programs