"Perfection personified is Shafali and the Saakam team.
And here I am not exaggerating. I am very impressed with the way Shafali and Saakam handles any mandates given to them. Saakam as a team and Shafali as the leader truly lead by examples. And those examples are not spoken but it is the results they bring to you.
I must say, in my career of 8 years, I have hardly met any hiring consultant who is so thorough it the pre selection process.
Quality is the key driver for Shafali and she ensures that the client comes back to her for this.
Her knowledge of the various industries and the strong network that she has established is commendable.
I wish Shafali and Saakam all the very best in the quest of quality!"
Smita Dey, Manager-HR, A&G Group

“Decision to move on after spending 7 years at Evalueserve was definitely a tough call. I wanted to be absolutely sure of the next phase in my career. Saakam happened to me at the right time. I was thoroughly impressed by Shafali's involvement in the entire process. She was absolutely thorough about the role and the company. It helped immensely in understanding the expectations of the company and my fitment. I won't be exaggerating if I say that Saakam is one of the most professional HR Consultancies I have come across in my 11 years career. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best.”
Divya Badola, Manager – Research, DTZ

“Changing jobs is a critical decision and often plagued with uncertainties. However, Saakam ensured that all my queries were answered to my satisfaction and my interests (both professionally and financially) were addressed. Their professionalism can be understood from the fact that I was apprised of not only the positives but also the expected challenges in the new environment and thereby ensuring a smooth transition. I wish then all the best for future!!”
Satish Tiwari, Senior Manager, DTZ

My experience with Saakam was exceptional. Their biggest differentiator is their assessment approach. Shafali spends a great deal of time and effort in understanding and mapping skills against the job requirement, thereby reducing time and effort for both the candidate and the hiring organization. Their approach reveals that hiring selection is more of an art than a process. I wish them all the best.
Vikram Choudhary, Research Manager, People Matters